ph Plug-Ins
This software plug-in works with both Windows and Linux versions of Homeseer HS3.
The plug-in connects with the Honeywell TCC service and allows the display and control of Honeywell Evo-
Home heating control systems from within Homeseer.

The plug-in is available in the Homeseer HS3 updater under the Thermostat / HVAC section.

An active Honeywell TCC account with at least one EvoHome system assigned to it.

Restrictions / Limitations
The plug-in only works with European Evo-Home systems and is fixed to use Celsius units of temperature.
Due to API restrictions, polling of the TCC service is fixed at 5 minute intervals.

The User Guide contains detailed information about the various services supported and details of how to
configure the plug-in etc.
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