Important Note

Discovered devices within a service account are NOT automatically added to the plug-in. Once a service account has been successfully polled, a list of discovered devices will be created and each one must be added individually from the Users/Devices page.

What are Service Accounts?

Plug-In Service Accounts are used for polled service types where there can be multiple devices within a single account.

iCloud is an example of such a service where multiple iDevices are registered to a single Apple ID (iCloud Account).

The polling interval is set on a per-account basis. Individual devices cannot be polled separately.

The service accounts page shows an overview of all service accounts. Service accounts are represented in HS3 by a group of 3 devices. Root, Account Status and Polling Interval. Configuration data for a service account is held in the Root device. To access the configuration data, open the root device for editing and select the PHLocation2 tab.  

To add a new account, click the appropriate Add button. To edit an existing account, click the Edit button for that account. Both of these will open the (Root) device for editing.

Clicking the name of the Root device from the HS3 device management page will also allow configuration of the service account.

Between polls, the Account Status device will show "Waiting". If the account is enabled then it can be manually polled using the Poll button.

The Control button allows the polling interval to be changed or stopped.


1. Polling intervals can also be changed from HS3 events by choosing the "Control a Device" action and selecting the Polling Interval device.

2. Configuration of individual service accounts is done on the PHLocation2 tab of the Root device for each service. See each account type in this section for the options relevant to that account type.

3. Newly added service accounts will be started with polling "Stopped" so an interval will need to be set on first use.

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