iCloud Service Account

NOTE: iCloud is only supported for Apple accounts that have 2-Factor authentication enabled using the 6 digit pass code. The older 2-Stage authentication which uses a 4 digit pass code is not supported and account with no additional authentication are also not supported.

Adding an iCloud account for the first time

Enter your Apple ID and password in the boxes provided, set the account to enabled then click Save Changes.

Re-Open the root device for editing and you will see some buttons that allow you to request and submit a verification code.

If verification is successful a green message will be displayed prompting you to Save Changes.

Verification is a one-time process and should not need to be redone.

Ignore Unknown Devices

DO NOT enable this option until you have added all the User devices that you want included in the plug-in as this option will prevent new devices being discovered.

A single iCloud account may have many devices registered to it but you may only want to monitor some of them in the plug-in. Once all required devices have been added, enabling this option allows the plug-in to ignore the state of the non-included devices which speeds up the polling process considerably for accounts with multiple devices where only some of those devices are included in the plug-in.

Reset Account

This removes the 2-FA verification data and resets the iCloud account. The account will then need to be re-verified with a new code.

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