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PHLocation2 is available as a beta. Whilst there are some visual similarities to PHLocation v1, v2 is a total
re-write of the plug-in. See this section in the user guide for details about what's changed.

NOTE: There is no upgrade path from PHLocation v1, however both v1 and v2 can run on the same HS3
installation at the same time.

See this section of the Homeseer forum for discussions about the beta.

This software plug-in works with both Windows and Linux versions of Homeseer HS3.
The plug-in works with several different external services and applications to provide location based
information to Homeseer. Supported location services are broadly split into two types, Position and Geofence

Position Based These applications & services generally provide the device's current location in the form of
latitude, longitude and position accuracy as a minimum. Depending on the service they can also provide
other data including altitude, speed, course, battery level and charging state etc.

Geofence Based Geofences are a predefined area on a map. Generally this consists of a circular area
defined by a single point (latitude & longitude) and a radius value.
The user can configure a number of geofences within the application and it will then detect when the device
enters or leaves any of the configured geofences.
Many geofence applications can also work with Bluetooth beacons to detect if the device is within range of a

Communication Methods
The various supported applications and services communicate with the plug-in in different ways. Generally,
communications methods can be split into two types:

Polled The mobile application will send it's data to a 3rd party server and the plug-in will poll this server at
regular intervals for the most recent data.

Direct The mobile application sends its data directly to the plug-in. This can be achieved either directly to
the HS3 web server or via the MyHomeSeer service. MyHS is the simplest and most secure option.

Services and applications that communicate directly with the plug-in generally provide faster updates than
polled alternatives.

The User Guide contains detailed information about the various services supported and details of how to
install the plug-in etc.
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